The primary purpose of the Irish Society of Delmarva is to enjoy and foster an understanding of Irish history and culture, without reference to politics or religion.

(Left to Right: President, Pat Fitzgerald - Secretary, Brenda Leeper - Treasurer, Jim Welsh - V.P., Paul Engstenberg)

Irish Society of Delmarva (ISOD) Past-Presidents

Ed McNamara​​​                             ​​​

Richard/Mary Brennan​​​​

Mary Fitzpatrick​​​​

Kay O'Day Allen​​​​

Donna Watson​​

Robin Engstenberg​​

Nancy Wallace

Mary Dalton

Kathy Williams

Sandy Kinkus

John Kennedy

Tom Winnberg -ISOD Founder

It all started with a dream. A dream that envisioned an organization of people who were interested in Irish history, culture and arts. One that would pursue good fellowship and friendships regardless of religion, race or political ideology. Calls were made, letters were written, ads were placed in the newspapers and in-home meetings were held. With much perseverance, and driven by personalities that were not willing to accept defeat, Tom and Mary Winnberg became dedicated to establishing an Irish Society in the heart of Delmarva. With continued persistence and several months later the group finally grew large enough to hold its first public meeting.

On October 18, 1990, the first official meeting was held in the Boscov's auditorium in Dover Mall. It was there that the newly established Irish Society became known as the "Irish Society of Delmarva.



Brenda Leeper  - President

Terry McGinty-Vice President


Ron Papineau - Treasurer

Phyllis Marsh - Secretary



Pat Fitzgerald- Immediate Past President

Donna Kilby - Membership Chairperson

Jane McGinty - Publicity Chairperson

Robin Engstenberg - Special Events Chair

Sandy Kinkus - Parade Chair

Mary Fitzgerald - Member-at-Large

Kathee Srygley - Member-at-Large

Patti Papineau - Scholarship Chair

Mary Walson - Club Historian/Photographer

Ryan Kennedy - Webmaster








Telephone : ​302-678-2058
Email :

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